The KAPE Seat is an option for sailors who require more trunk and/or head support. (Headrest not shown) The side supports are adjustable in height and width.

Read this testimonial from Kevin Penny from Halifax, NS:

"I've been a competitive racer in the Martin 16 since 2007 and purchased the KAPE seat in the summer of 2015 for my own personal Martin 16. I am a C4 quadriplegic (complete injury) and use the sip and puff system to control the boat. Because of my severe scoliosis, I always had difficulties getting comfortable in the boat and it affected my performance and comfort. Since having the KAPE seat not only has my comfort improved, I have more endurance on the water. The adaptability of the KAPE is the biggest advantage as I have been able to share my seat with individuals in our Able Sail program. As I tell everyone, a comfortable Martin 16 sailor is a better Martin 16 sailor!"