Main Halyard 5mm Excel Pro/Evolution Performance 44'
Jib Halyard 4mm Excel Pro/Evolution Performance 44'
Seat back 5mm Yacht braid 8'
Seat bottom  5mm Yacht braid 4'
Steering, tiller (what attaches to the steering bar on rudder head) 4mm Dyneema D12/Amsteel 6'
Steering, joystick (what goes under the seat) 4mm Dyneema D12/Amsteel 16'
Main Sheet  6mm Maffioli Swiftcord 31'
Jib sheet 5mm Maffioli Swiftcord 22'
Forestay 3mm Vectran/Evolution Performance 3'
Traveler bridle 3mm Dyneema D12/Amsteel 6'
Cunningham (what attaches to the sail) 5mm Excel Pro/Evolution Performance 5'
Cunningham (control line) 5mm Excel Pro/Evolution Performance 11'
Vang (what is attached to the boom) 4mm Dyneema D12/Amsteel 8'
 Vang (control line) 5mm Excel Pro/Evolution Performance 11'
Outhaul (what goes through the boom) 4mm Excel Pro/Evolution Performance 14'
Outhaul (control line) 5mm Excel Pro/Evolution Performance 9'

Alternative options

For mainsheet and jibsheet - a key thing is what is available at your local marine store. Our preference is Swiftcord, especially for use on a windlass.

  • Gottifredi Maffioli Swiftcord - Single braid blend of Dyneema and Cordura. It is lightweight, strong, durable and comfortable to hold in your hands. Initially designed for Olympic class dinghies, these products are the favourite for many crews of all boats.
  • Zephyr2 is strong yet gentle on the hands.
  • Excel Marstron is an alternative. For a lightweight Main Sheet on a small dinghy Excel Marstron offers a positive feel with comfortable handling. The smooth profile 16 plait braided cover allows smooth running through Blocks, while the low stretch braided core allows fast and responsive Sail trim. Floats and does not absorb water.


Marlow Excel Race - Dyneema core with a 16 plait polyester cover. Ideal for mission critical control lines such as boom vang, however note it is 4 times more costly than Excel Pro.

Marlow 8-plait is pre-stretched polyester, good for dinghy halyards and control lines.