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Ask the Expert

If I order a new set of sails, do I get new sail numbers?

Your sail number should match the boat number. the boat number can be determined from the serial number that is found on the transom of the boat. Here's an example of a Martin 16 serial number: CAZBL16138F505. The middle numbers after CAZBL16 is "138" which is the hull number and the serial number. When you order your new sails, In this case in the order you would specify to put "138" on the sails.

How do I read the serial number and where is it?

This is important information for identifying your boat, insurance purposes and to know your hull number. The serial number is located on the transom (rear of the hull). The format is: AC BBB 16 xxx A yy zz

  • AC - country of manufacture (CA - Canada)
  • BBB – Builder (ZVB = Mystere Composites; ZBL = Abbott Boats)
  • 16 – Martin 16 sloop
  • xxx – hull number (sail number)
  • A, B, C… – month of manufacture (A = Jan)
  • yy – Production model year (5 = 2005; 12 = 2012)
  • zz – year of manufacture (12 = 2012)

Can I order sails from you?

Absolutely, we are your source of everything Martin 16. We provide a variety of sails such as:

  • Mylar/Pentex race sails
  • Dacrons race sails (most popular)
  • Dacron club sails (ideal for every day use)

We also provide Martin 16 spinnakers.

How should I set my mast rake?

Your mast rake will depend on the mast you have, whether it is a Selden mast or a Holt-Allen. The Holt-Allen masts are stiffer so they require full spreader rake to make them bend. The Selden masts have more bend and will therefore give you more performance, from a racing standpoint. What I mean is - they are faster.

Mast rake from mast tip to transom on a Holt-Allen mast should be 243 inches, rig tension should be 22 lbs on the Loos gauge.

What is a camber stripe?

Also called a "draft stripe"; It is a horizontal line that is used as a visual on the shape of the sail. They are usually in the top 3rd of the mainsail. This helps you look at the leech of the sail to see the draft depth and draft location.

Draft stripes are generally used in larger keelboats, not so often in sailboats such as the Martin 16.